Biography of Dima27

Dimitry Tsutskiridze, aka Dima27, is a Georgian artist who was born in Tiblisi in 1954 into a family of artists Tbilisi. In 1980 he enrolled at the Tiblisi Academy of Fine Arts, whilst there he studied at the Faculty of Art where he focused on studying Ceramics and Glass. He graduated with a Diploma in Monumental Ceramics in 1985.

Between 1987 and 1989 Dimitry worked as an Instructor and Faculty Member in the Department of Architecture of the Tbilisi State Polytechnical University.

Dimitry has spent his entire life in search of methods and means through which he can express himself as an artist, this had led to Dimitry employing a variety of techniques and media over the years. His most recent artwork is focused on creating artwork in the Digital Art format.

For Tsutskiridze, life like art, is a continuous journey of exploration and expressing, always searching for new means of creating, always willing to learn new skills, dedicated to creating art that resonates with him, but also with the viewer.