Biography of Dejan Trajkovic

Artist, Dejan Trajkovic was born in Leskovac, in 1973. Growing up he was immersed in the works of the old masters of Renaissance, Baroque and Realism. Despite this, contemporary painters have had a decisive impact on his painting, with Russian painters, as well as Scandinavian and German masters, greatly influencing his painting of the landscape.

Today, Dejan lives and paints in the small village of Grdanica, in South-East Serbia. He is a member of the artistic group 'Barti'. He is primarily self-taught, in that he did receive any formal art school training, but he learned traditional painting methods independently and from fellow academic painters. After studying the techniques of the great Flemish artists, he became familiar with the artistic language of the old masters. Knowledge which he puts to use in his paintings, whilst at the same time, still remaining open to learning.