Biography of Anamika

Anamika was born on 11th of Sep. 1991 in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. She is a pure contemporary artist. She received her bachelor and master’s degree in fine arts from Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya University, MP (2010-16).

Initially, her work was inspired by the social aspect where she pursued master’s degree. As she moved to the pure urban habitats, she found the socio-cultural values at stake as she found people and their generation full of anxiety, depression and fast life culture.

Gradually, the thoughts spread to the biggest womb of mother: Nature. She got inspired with nature, the emotions involved in different aspects if nature as what are those aspects which are surrounding herself. Her interests are photography, travelling and poetry. She is currently living and working in Greater Noida; and continuously exhibiting her works in National and International exhibitions.

Some important are Celebration of womanhood 2019 in Indore, Annual Small Works Show & Sale 2020 by Porter Mill (Beverly) in 2020, Pacific Wild Auction 2020 , Remembrance Species 2020 , 8x8 Art on Paper (New York), 2020 – life in Times of a global pandemic (Hanoi).

Some participations are World Art Dubai 2021, YUVA FESTIVAL by Sahitya Kala Parishad (New Delhi) in 2017, JAIPUR ART SUMMIT 2017, International ART MART KHAJURAHO in 2018 & 2021. She was selected in Contemporary Venice 2019, CICA Museum, Korea in 2021, and Every Woman Biennial London 2021. She was awarded with YOUTH ICON AWARD (Muzaffarpur' Nobel Prize) in 2018.