Biography of Alket Zeqiri

Alket Zeqiri is an Albanian painter, sculptor and activist. He was born in Prishtina in 1990. After Zeqiri finished high school he continued his higher studies in the Faculty of Arts at University of Prishtina, where he received his Bachelor of Sculpture in 2014, and just recently has successfully finished his Master Degree in sculpture, on the thesis "Misery and Revolt – A Sculpture for the Soul of Hardness".

His body of works range from drawing, painting and sculpture to participatory art activities and street art. He has been involved in international projects of participatory art such as "Immaterial monuments, participatory art and community” and “The use of art where it’s hard to talk”, also exhibited in many collective exhibitions in his home country. As a young artist, his works differ in style and subject since he is a constant explorer.