Biography of Alfonse Pagano

A self-taught artist from Paterson, NJ, Alfonse Pagano was an assistant to artist Len Lye in the 1970s before attending The School of Visual Arts and the New School in NYC. His work has been shown across the country at galleries and museums, such as the Laguna Gloria Art Museum in Austin, Texas, and is held in various collections, including the Carnegie Mellon Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 1990 Pagano took up photography and co-authored a photojournalism book, “Dreads,” in 1999. Published by Artisan/Workman Press the book is on its eighth printing.

In 2011 a move from NYC to Newark led to a development of a new technique. The work often beginning with a three-dimensional composition he photographs then adjusts and manipulates in Photoshop. Then it is printed on rice paper, a tool he depends on for its translucency and texture to translate subtle tones while upholding the clarity and precision of the image. From here it is mounted on canvas where it is finished with graphite, pencil, charcoal, resin etc. sculpting it down to what he calls a painting.

Pagano tends to work in layers and on many pieces at a time, allowing one to influence the others, sometimes discovering new elements and sharing them throughout.