Awards and Recognition of Rifas

2012 - Participation Diploma at the Youth Artists Exhibition, 2nd edition entitled "Modernity, Innovation, Experiment",Timisoara;

2011 - MFA Thesis Dissertation, image sources and resources, called "Fall into materiality";

2010 - Participation Diploma in Ad-Hoc Painting Contest from Campina 24H, 5th edition,Campina.

2010 - Workshop Summer School, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, the artist Hans Schnell;

2009 - Certificate of Merit, from HighSchool of Music and Fine Arts "Sigismund Toduta" for the involvement in the Organization of the County Contest "Winter Joys",Deva;

2009 - Certificate of Merit,from Romanian Olympic Academy, Branch office Hunedoara county CNS ,"Cetate Deva" for participating at the "Pentlatlon Olympic School for the Millennium III”,Second Edition, Deva;

2006 - Graduate Thesis, Department of paintings, entitled "The loss of Lucifer"; 

1998 - Third Prize, at the Olympics of Fine Arts, Department of Textiles, Stage county, High School of Music and Fine Arts "Sigismund Toduta", Deva;

1998 - Third Prize at the National Poster Competition "Europe of the Ordinary People", "Mai 9, Europe Day", Hunedoara County Prefecture;

1997 - Third Prize at the National Competition of Fine Arts "Studio 8", Deva;