Awards and Recognition Ni Chunlei

  • 2018, Winner in 2018 online Open No-theme Art Exhibition & Competition, organized by Contemporary Art Gallery online in USA
  • 2017 won “Outstanding Works” in the 6th Jiangsu Artists’ Paintings Exhibition (Jiangsu Province, China)
  • 2015 won “Outstanding Works” in “Painting Chengdu” (Sichuan Province, China)
  • 2014, published his own painting book “Oil Painting of Ni Chunlei” (China)
  • 2013 Painting “Girl” was invited to join exhibition organized by Teachers of Art of Sichuan Universities and Colleagues Association (Sichuan Province, China)
  • 2012 Painting <Relic> won “The First Prize” during China National Youth Talent TV Show (China National)
  • 2012 Painting <Relic> won “Outstanding Works” in New Artist Works Exhibition (Sichuan Province, China)
  • 2008 Painting <Strong Watchmen> won “The first prize” in National Colleague Students’ Art Festival (China National