Artist Statement of Yigit Dundar

"My paintings are a visual reflection of the effect of human feelings such as sorrow, enthusiasm, pain, excitement and love on the human body, it is a complicity between the body and the sensations This is the only language that can be understood by all people of different nationalities all over the world. Inspired by the limitless nature and expressiveness of body language, my works convey a whatever message through human body motion. .I try to explain people's problem, their inner struggles, their contradictions but also their own passions and stories through human body. My paintings are a modern interpretation of the classical Renaissance and Baroque style. My aim is to reach a personal expression between a figurative and realistic search and concept in the contemporary painting art. Human being is at the centrepiece of my paintings by following main influences without losing my own nature. I feel passionate and have strong aspirations for developing further my art whilst being able to make people touched by my art and help them find themselves in it. My dream is, through my art, to be able to make people feel more, see more and realise more about themselves and the world around them."