Artist Statement of Vlado Vesselinov

I work in the direction of pop art and post pop art. My ideas bring the symbolism of everyday practices closer to the cult and fetish, which transform street culture into the creation of an established brand. I look at specific subcultural currents in their details and through the study of detail through colour and mask we build models of society, characteristic of the time. I transform images from the 1950's and 1960's into the present, trying to suggest the recurrence of the cycle of time.

I look at those icons that reflect the leading directions of the pop art boom and comparing them with the present I find a recurrence. The images in the paintings are as archaic as they are recognizable by our present and bring the serenity of the known and experienced. My art is inspired by the history of television, cinema, music and performance, and is heavily influenced by the symbols of home life, fashion, sports, and advertising.

My work is close to provocative pop culture, reflecting events with which I have a particularly intimate relationship. The characters in my art embody social stereotypes that are both humorous and socially critical. A characteristic feature of my works is the clearly visible texture of the canvas and the well-defined physical reliefs, reminiscent of pages that someone grabbed from a fashion magazine found on the ceiling.

It is similar to the effect used by Quentin Tarantino in his productions, where filmed films full of dirt and defects attract the audience in a unique atmosphere of Drive-in theater. As for my colors, they are my weapon for victory over today's material and gray world. I also find inspiration in the modern way of life, I try to explore its dynamics, everyday life, alienation between people and lack of physical communication.

There is a thread of dehumanization in society that is difficult for most people to see because they are locked between their personal success, drama, memories or fears on a global or local scale. I am influenced by artists: Andy Warhol, Hariton Pushwagner, Yoko Ono, Roy Lichtenstein, Christo and Jean-Claude and others. Jack Kerouac, George Orwell, Allen Ginsberg, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Charlie Chaplin and others also contributed to my perception of the world...