Artist Statement of Ved Nayar


Last year, as soon as the summer started, I fell ill. I shifted to Jiji’s house in Paonta Sahib for recouping because the climate is not polluted there, Himalayan mountains start from there, Yamuna enters the plains there & Guru Gobind Singh lived there. ‘While recouping, every morning, when the darkness of the night was about to leave and the light of the day was about to arrive, I woke up, went out of the house and sat near the mango grove corner of the garden which surrounds the house.

The mango trees were laden with green unripe mangoes, each bursting with energy. I began to recognise & observe each mango tree, every mango and its ripening process. There was a mango tree with twisting tree trunk which looked like a human torso. Without my being aware this tree trunk entered in the expression of my creativity, both in ‘drawing’ & in ‘painting’. The tree trunk began to acquire & change its personality according to the needs of my creativity.

A mango tree, I saw, was a world in itself- a coexistent world. I began to recognise every bird and his voice who visited the mango tree to look for a ripe mango, for rest, to avoid summer heat, to voice his presence to attract a partner, for romance, in search of a safe place to make a nest, lay eggs and rear the children..... all these nuances began to enter my thoughts & my creativity.

Living in the environment of a cosmopolitan city, our eyes, our minds’ and our hearts’ responses become blurred, insensitive, selfish & selective. We stop seeing small things & happenings in our lives. In Paonta Sahib I began to see again...... even small living beings living their lives on their own terms..... ants carrying a dead earth worm on the mango tree trunk, a snail crossing the courtyard, a ‘kambalkira’ holding a mango with his hundred legs.

Away from Delhi when I expressed in my creative visual imagery, all the eye’s & heart’s intakes entered my creativity..... ‘Naika & the Tree Trunk’. The tree trunk has become as human as the Naika.... it has grown feet & evolved gestures. Ved Nayar. The more the issue of the environment is discussed in the media, the more you feel the need of awareness to preserve the environment. The subject: 'Naika & The Tree Trunk' becomes more relevant.

Ved Nayar is still working in this direction.