Artist Statement of Valluri Venkata Swamy

My own style and technique emerged over a period was the result of experimentation in form, colour and concept. Depending on the topic, I have evolved my style and colour composition to bring visual effect to the painting.

During the last 50 years of my artistic journey, I have experimented with all mediums/materials from pencil, charcoal to water/oil/acrylic colours on paper, board and canvas to turn out over 2500 paintings on the themes - ‘My Village’, ‘Ganesha’, ‘50 years of Indian Independence’, ‘Horses’, ‘Bull Fight’, Hyderabad’, ‘Nature’, ‘Lord Krishna’ and ’Colours of Life’.

So far, I held 20 one man shows besides participating in a number of group shows in prominent Cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Guntur, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Bhilai etc.

“My Village” is a series consisted mostly of rural rustic images in their ambience in composition, colour and texture. The innocent village men and women in their traditional costumes and culture gave life to each painting in bold radiant colours influencing the configuration of space, light and shadows.

My long association with the historic City of Hyderabad inspired to create two series depicting its’ soul, culture, people and places. The first series was on the historical Hyderabad of various dynasties, their patronage of culture and monuments. I tried to picturize the blend of traditional and contemporary socio-economic fabric of Hyderabad in it’s various moods in the second series. The impact of urbanization, problems of drinking water, commutation on the congested roads, play of neo-rich culture, were the themes that were portrayed. Deccani culture was brought in its past glory. Browns, greens, blacks and reds dominate the picture gallery of the city from the origins to its present confusion, capturing the spirit.

Shodasa (16) Ganesha images in semi abstract forms using vibrant colours with minimal lines were depicted in the Ganesha series based on the Sanskrit slokas depicting individual form, colour and texture, each to stand out uniquely.

Inspired by the vision of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in building up the Modern India did a series on the theme of Jawaharlal Nehru & His Vision. ‘Bull Fight’ – a popular sport predominantly organised in some pockets of Tamilnadu as “Jelli kattu” fascinated me to do some paintings. The ferocious movements of the bull, the moods of the energetic bullfighter, the fear gripping environment was depicted. Another topic dealt was “Horses” symbolising vigour and vitality. Different hued horses progressing towards moon symbolising the lady pervaded by wants. The Road series which were  done on canvas with acrylics depicted the aerial view of a village road taking the viewer to ponder over on the message of equality. My creative journey goes on and on… is a never ending experience like a flowing stream….