Artist Statement of Trevor Phillips

Canadian contemporary pop artist, Trevor Phillips puts a new spin on often overlooked and discounted subjects. He is known for his contemporary and graphic paintings that flirt with emotion and the roles of people, animals, and nature with bold colours.

Trevor's artwork attributes animal and human qualities, characteristics, and behaviors to nature. His work reminds us that people are like animals. We are all under the same biological umbrella- the tree of life.

Trevor's artwork distinctively puts a contemporary twist on often overlooked subjects. Trevor crafts comic and 80's pop culture-inspired artwork of animals, models, icons, and superheroes. He adds an emotional lens to subjects that are revered across media and brings awareness to overlooked expressions with color, scale, and photo montage.

Society highlights and promotes the strong, happy, and worry-free side of animals, pop icons, and heroes. But, what about the side we try to hide or ignore. The side where our heroes need help.

Trevor’s artwork captures the moments where heroes, animals, and pop-icons let down their mask. He shows their vulnerable side in his ‘Superhero Series’, ‘Animal Collective Series’, and ‘Expressive Series’.  In each of these series, Trevor uses art to highlight a hidden emotion that viewers can connect to.