Artist Statement of Tom Mangelschots

I'm Tom Mangelschots (Mangel). A steel worker and an ordinary young man from Belgium. I am a father of 2 beautiful sons and share my happiness with my partner. After a tough period in which I have driven my body to the limit whereby stress and depression took over I started shooting. This is a way for me to the chaos and turmoil in my body to calm by taking pictures of where I am. Pictures of the one to which I think that moment. So I can express myself and my emotions and also annoyances without that I should look at the reactions of the outside world. After all, it is the society that have led me to the stress and depression. Now I myself have stood up do I create unique, original pictures that I want to show to the world.

This is what I do! This is who I am! I'm Mangel!

“Be yourself in everything you do, even if you are unsure. Doubt is not weak but allows for improvement. Do not hide behind screens but let see who you really are.”

“That is art!!”