Artist Statement of Theophile Delaine

After completing his studies in art and music (University Paris VIII & Sorbonne), Théophile Delaine has been painting in various parts of the world for a long time. From his native Champagne to Crete, Limousin to Benin and after a decade in Madagascar, he was seduced by the Reunion island where he settled in early 2015 to devote himself fully to his passion. "Each painting is a snapshot of my soul and I feed it with my trips, contemplating and walking through landscapes, mountains and meeting different people in the world"

Through his painting purified of all concrete meaning, in which forms and colours are sufficient for themselves as the only means of expression, Théophile Delaine applies himself to making visible the invisible, he tries to crystallize our imaginations, our answers and our research, creating lyrical abstract paintings proposing a reflection and contemplation.