Artist Statement of Theodore Kennett-Raj

The artworks that I produce are a contemporary form of primitive art. As I am my own muse, I let my ideas out to create satirical narratives with exuberance using colours, motifs and textures.

My Artworks are a cross cultural art form, reflecting my country of birth India and my adopted country, Australia, for the past 46 years. I studied Design and Fashion at Shillito Design School, Grosvenor Street, Sydney, for 3 years. Subsequently I worked in the fashion industry until 2007. After that I decided to use my knowledge and experience to produce Artworks. This decision that I made, brought me to live in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. All artworks that I have produced to date, approximately 50 artworks, were produced in Lismore, Northern Rivers, NSW.

I have exhibited in a few group shows, in art galleries and art competitions. I have entered the Border Art prize where I was chosen as a finalist. I have sold my artworks at the regional gallery in Tweed Heads, The Channon Gallery and Serpentine Gallery in Lismore.

I exhibited regularly at the Channon Gallery for 4 years. The gallery closed in 2015. The late Peter Boyle wrote on the galleries website “Theodore's work is a joy to have in the gallery, his humour, naughtiness and deep sense of satire associated with contemporary culture and social themes, of this country, always brings a smile or (laugh) but also challenges the rhetoric we are fed everyday.”

The move away from Sydney has helped me produce art works in a prolific manner. I hope you, the viewers, of my work, experience the same joy and pleasure that I received while working on my paintings.