Artist Statement of Tamar Daraselia

Tamar Daraselia is a self-taught artist from Tbilisi, Georgia. All her works are the result of hard work and a strong desire to improve her painting skills and master different techniques. Painting is her calling: For Tamar it is a means to make the reality more attractive by creating beautiful and aesthetically acceptable world. At the same time painting is a great way to relax and enjoy oneself.

"I always try to make a new piece of work different from the previous one: recurrent images and motifs seem so boring! Before starting painting a new picture I think about the appropriate style, colours and technique that might help me to express my impressions and emotions. For me the work on a painting is not complete until the goal I have set is not fully realized. The process of painting is a play with colours, shapes, shades… and, in general, it is a great pleasure."