Artist Statement of Ta Thimkaeo

Ta Thimkaeo once said it would be easier for her to walk on the moon than become an artist yet she has sent her work to over 43 counties. Ta has an increasing following of Art Lovers from around the world she has sent her work to some iconic cities like: Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Munich, Monte Carlo, Monaco, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, Texas & Zurich.

Ta paints people, she wants her paintings to have character to tell a story but without words as if using mime. To be dramatic, emotional, sometimes theatrical but always with feelings and always special. To tell stories to be vivid, exciting, thought-provoking with something of herself in her paintings; in the form, the colours, the brush strokes. Ta's inspiration comes from Claude Monet for his use of colour, his expressiveness, detail and the softness of his beautiful paintings. Vincent van Gogh for his bold use of colour and she likes to think she is a little impulsive like him, and Lowry for his simple but very sophisticated work.