Artist Statement of Sergey Lesnikov

What is the most important thing for me in creativity? I found my answer- never stop searching. It's like being an engineer - always in search of new techniques and approach. Yes, there is a minus in this- there is no recognizable style. But I am what I am.

One of my directions- decorative vintage works on old boards. Once, looking at the massive hundred-year-old board from the old house, I imagined all those works on the wood panels, from icons to painting, which we never saw, that were left, disappeared, lost in time. What did they look like? Then I came to the idea to make such a thing, looking like a found artifact, with fragments of old painting on ancient pieces of wood. So I have created it, and continue working now..I'm always in search- of new approaches, new materials, sometimes with elements of old metal, and other. Sometimes I copy works of old masters, to be closer to the subject, but when I miss bright and clear colors - I relax, working in traditional painting.