Artist Statement of Robyn Brand

Robyn Brand, lives in Melbourne and has participated in group and solo exhibitions. She first started practising art over 26 years and has worked with Ceramics, Glass, Sculpture Mosaics and Painting. Worked in Ceramics for over 15 years and held 4 private exhibitions, Robyn has concentrated on painting for the last 18 years, generally users acrylic, soft pastel, charcoal, hard pastels, and watercolour.

"I love thinking and creating art and the use of colours is integral in my work. I am very affected by colour. It moves me and inspires me. I love the journey I take when creating different art pieces. My main art influences would have to be Picasso, Kadinsky, Hunderwasser and many other abstract artists.  My work is based around use of colour which is my favourite joy."