Artist Statement of Robert Szczebiot

Robert Szczebiot was born in 1987 in Białystok. He graduated from Artur Grottger High School of Arts and Crafts in Supraśl (2007) and Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (2014). He defended his Master of Fine Arts thesis in a lithography workshop under the supervision of Ph.D. Piotr Panasiewicz. Painter, graphic designer, illustrator.

He is interested in technical and technological issues.

In Robert Szczebiot's artwork, one might find an attempt to present and combine the subtleties of human nature with the inexorability of forces which influence it. The human form is not explicitly defined, but embedded in the mechanizing reality, which allows it to become the equivalent of pursuit for purpose.

Liveliness and activity appear to be important, and at times take on a fatalistic nature. Here stands a man, who limited by his rashness, tries to find his place and understand his essence. The apparent dualism of the presentation is in fact a subtle act of combining human and non-human. Robert Szczebiot's paintings show a desire to understand an extremum of human emotions. Framed with a pinch of mystery, Robert Szczebiot encourage the recipient to enter the magical world of searching and confronting oneself. At the same time, a kind of perfectionism and purity is preserved, which reveals even more pulsating human nature.