Artist Statement of Rob Miller

Rob Miller painted his first seascape in oils when he was seven years old. He studied art and gained a distinction in Painting at Bolton University. For Rob, making a landscape or a seascape painting is like making a poem, it is both an expression of a feeling and an impression of a place; Whether his focus is the brightening corner of the beach or, the running shadows of the surf or the feeling of awe in wild spaces under changing skies he tries to portray the sublime in nature.

Working outside, makes this a felt experience. Depending on the nuances of the paint, the wind or the sun, his work finishes somewhere between abstraction and figurative. For Rob this is part of an almost spiritual occupation full of emotive intensity a journey where the start is never a constant and completion is when it arrives.

Rob Millers paintings have a narrative that concerns the Atlantic shore line of Scotland and the Western isles. Rob has spent a lot of time there, exploring by sea and on foot during his explorations he became fascinated by the concept of the gloaming which is the fleeting northern light, and the way it echoes the ebb and flow of the tides.