Artist Statement of Richard Hill

Richard Hill has been creating and selling his art for thirty years to collectors in the United States and abroad. He holds a Degree in English and French Literature from the University of California at Berkeley and is an avid student of history, art, literature and politics. Richard's art is inspired by both the accomplishments and the mistakes of the past. He celebrates the beauty of the world and exposes that which keeps us from realising our potential. Hill is obsessed with experimentation and originality. Humour sharpens his anger. Wonder keeps him going.

In two dimensions, he explores representation by deconstructing it into abstraction then reconstructing it into an image that grounds the abstraction and charges the figurative. Impasto and colour add depth and movement to the emotions he is portraying.

In three dimensions, he has created solo works, installations and furniture. Hill has also written and illustrated a graphic novel and written a literary novel.
Hill is also know for his political cartoons and illustrations. He create portraits, landscapes, still life, commentary, fantasy, dream and abstract work.