Artist Statement of Raul Blisniuk

My creative work includes painting, sculptures, drawing, printmaking, and installations. I believe that insight in art is supported by a cross-disciplinary practice and I find that my work in one discipline influences my work in another.

I put no limits myself, taking every medium as an opportunity to express different ideas. I mainly work with highly saturated primary and secondary colors, transferring my excitement for life into them, creating dynamic and energetic artworks. I am inspired by pop art and street art, combining them with celebrities figures such as The Beatles, Frida Kahlo, Michael Jackson, among others.

I intend the audience to feel this energy and feel joy when observing my art mixing it with the affinity they feel for these artists. I started my relationship with art as a collector. Since I was 13 years old I started to collect The Beatles’ memorabilia, obtaining the Guinness Record in 1998 for The Beatles’ biggest collector in South America. The memorabilia collecting opened the door to visual art, which I began to collect as well 30 years ago. Five years later, in 1995, I started to paint, connecting these passions, The Beatles and art, and portraying them into the canvas. These 25 years, I developed my career in Argentina, and now I want to spread it into the world.