Artist Statement of Rafa Lopez

His line of work, occasionally, merges mixes of Neo-expressionism, Surrealism, Pop Art and Abstraction among others. It shows certainly a distorted and fantastic vision of this world, containing and suggesting deformed images of bodies which slither through the canvas, organic figures which writhe and geometric structures.

The compositions are placed along the neutral background and composed with a limited spectrum of colours, filling up the background completely.

Every figure shown in his work has been painted with the desire of make the viewer to understand its most notable feature. In order to do so, he disrupts the natural performance of the figures, eliminating the obvious point of view so that the inside appears with different perspectives, sometimes head-on and other times sideways.

An example of the language he uses are the abstract shapes, which undergoes a metamorphosis process, somehow getting away from its starting point, the nature.

Although the different characters are shown untidy, there is a chromatic order. Following the colour path, some characters replace others without a clear direction or sense. All of them evidence the same hierarchy, moving around a perfect tangle of comings and goings.