Artist Statement of Phil Leith-Tetrault

Phil Leith-Tetrault is a digital artist specializing in landscapes. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated RIT's New Media Design program in 2007. He has worked for 10 years as a digital designer, and more recently, a digital artist.

"Since childhood, I've always been fascinated with arctic nature. To me, it is both beautiful and lonely, peaceful and haunting. My work expresses the experience of being in locations such as Greenland's fjords, Labrador's coastline, and Northern Quebec's Boreal forests.

I attempt to vividly convey the experience of being in remote, northern environments, providing a mental break from the confines of our modern surroundings and society. Using digital illustration software, I draw organic shapes in the form of houses, mountains, trees, rocks, and flowers before filling these shapes with color. During this process, the landscape begins to suggest physical and emotional feelings associated with its location."