Artist Statement of Pheuil

Pheuil is a French self taught artist. He paints abstract paintings, figurative and animal portraits. He took up painting (in acrylic and oil) at a very young age, over the last ten years his hobby has grown into a huge passion whilst he works as IT/Finance contractor. He has worked in Paris, New York, Montreal, Stockholm and now lives in London. Impressionism is his main inspiration and he feels the best definition is given in the book “The Private Lives of the Impressionists” by Sue Roe.

“He [Pissarro] taught Cezanne to look at the reverberations of light and air, and to watch these rhythms at play with form and line, encouraging him to forget about ‘accurate’ drawing.  Forms did not have to be drawn, they could emerge, if one would only look at the landscape and paint what he saw – ‘the essential character of thing’.