Artist Statement of Petra Valouchova

Petra Valouchová is a Czech artist who lives and creates in Prague. She is self-taught without formal art education. She devotes mostly to free creation, occasionally also to game and book illustration from the field of fantasy. Through her work, she supports a number of local nonprofit projects, such as Tibet Open House, CharityMints, BARRIERS Account and others.

She is currently collaborating on the development of an independent fantasy game "The Legend of the Bird Spirit" (, which is partly based on Robert Holdstock's mythago books serie. She collaborates with the “Nemesis Gallery” which is specialized in sci-fi, fantasy and adventure art. She is a member of the Association of Artists of the Czech Republic.

Valouchová's work is mostly inspired by natural phenomenons that can be observed in the open landscape. The inter-connectedness of various life forms, the symbiotic relationships of plants and mushrooms, and, in particular, the wonderful features of mycelium in the forest ecosystems, all of these are the inspirational sources that the author uses in choosing of concrete theme of her work, also by using her own imagination and inner perception.