Artist Statement of Oscar Valladares

Spanish photographer Oscar Valladares began to take an interest in photography due to his mother's fondness for capturing everyday activities on film. She was always taking pictures of them as a family, in fact she used to pictures of everything. This passion for photography as medium inspired a young Valladares to reach for the Leica himself at the tender age of six.

By the time Valadares was eight years old he has set up his first laboratory in the basement of their house. At the age of twelve he had his first collection of work published in Black and White By fourteen he had acquired his first agent and for a period of time dedicated himself to fashion photography. However, this did not feed his creative drive and he jumped into the world of advertising.

Precocious as ever, Valladares set up his own photo agency when he turned eighteen and eventually took his photography skills into the eMarketing sector.

The Carmine has given him the opportunity to do what he wants visually and to experiment. For Valladares photography is a real personal path of exploration and experimentation which separates him from the banal activities of producing money.