Artist Statement of Nimisha Doongarwal

Nimisha Doongarwal is an artist fond of colours, the female form, face and beauty, She loves to paint portraits and is drawn toward the expressionist and impressionist eras.

She has been inclined towards art from an early age, finding art as a way to communicate with others. After getting into engineering and working for few years, she realized her true passion was Art. She started with continuing studies courses at Stanford to help her transform herself to a professional and not just do art as hobby. After that she enrolled into an MFA program at Academy of Arts. Currently she is a part-time student at the Academy of Art, San Francisco and a full-time Software Engineer.

Her work is inspired by Indian art, bright colours and culture. She is not bound to one or two mediums. Her personal favourite is oil and she loves to mix mediums in a single piece. She is absolutely in love with Picasso, Van Gogh and Matisse.

She is more drawn toward negative side of human nature and emotions. She likes to show negative emotions can still have colours, they can still be vibrant and they always motivate us and give us hope to achieve and keep patiently waiting for what is coming next. The JOY, THE HAPPINESS Some one truly said every sadness brings a happy ending.

Her paintings are mostly oil or acrylic and her signature work consists of bright, bold colours, with expressive story telling. Her favourite style is expressionism or expressive realism.