Artist Statement of Nigel Glaze

Nigel believes that the simple act of looking and opening up ones senses to the feelings of the experience generates interactions with memories and stories. Nigels’ work tries to capture this sense of looking past the obvious; perhaps inspiring those who see his work to for themselves simply look, and reflect on both the world outside and their inner emotional world.

“Painting resonances between the world outside and the world inside"

His work acknowledges that there is a difference between ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ and that as emotionally experiencing human beings we see the world, the world out there, through a filter of our life’s inner experiences. His paintings explore the realm of these resonances.

“Looking past the obvious”

His affinity for the medium of oil paint, with its ability to be worked and reworked and layered tells another story of the process of making art. The process becomes a type of relationship overtime, a learning together, and a metaphor to life’s struggle.