Artist Statement of Natalia Polikarpova

I work in the technique of dry pastels! My works are made 100% with one pastel without using other materials! Pastel is one of the most difficult techniques in graphics. And that's why I love her! I like to set difficult tasks for myself in every job and be satisfied with the result.

The main theme of my works is landscape, nature! Basically, I choose secluded corners of nature, where there are very few people and it has preserved its pristine beauty! Nature gives us the opportunity to unite with it. In the fresh air, I am charged with its energy, strength, purity and freshness! And I know that all this is conveyed in my paintings. My direction in pastels is realistic and artistic. I don't like just copying nature, i like to find beautiful color solutions and interesting techniques in pastels.

I hope that you will see and feel all this in my works!