Artist Statement of Mushegh Grigoryan

Being a fine artist with already almost 40 years of experience, my master was my father - Zulum Grigoryan - prominent People's Artist in whose studio I was educated. Interestingly enough, despite being attracted by science initially, completing PhD in cybernetics, actively contributing to scientific articles and doing scientific research, I painted consistently since I was 20, mainly with oil, thus by 25 I understood that art is what I want to dedicate my life to. Already by 1985 I started participating in national and international exhibitions until now and since 1988 I am a member of Artist's Union of Armenia and since 2003 a member of IAA of UNESCO.

I developed a unique style and understanding of myself and of the world thanks to an interesting mix of a background of cybernetics with art infused family and leisure time. I have great admiration for nature, for portraying the beauty of flowers and trees in all seasons. I am an avid plein air practitioner and has a collection of scenery etudes. Along with that, being an expressionist in my nature, my abstract works are provocative and impressive due to colouring and technique. Another favourite theme for me is portraits and figures.

My favourite materials are acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Generally, I like having 5-6 unfinished works and work on them simultaneously, switching from one to another, and usually they are of different styles: I can work on an abstract painting, a portrait and a landscape painting during same month.

In all styles of my work I put 'the person, human being, human problem' in the centre of my art. The endless exploration of myself, of the viewer and of human nature is very exciting for me. I think of a human being as an energy, his/her thoughts being an almost a materialistic energy, and I am intrigued by the energetic exchange people are in constantly. I want to understand the possible energetic interactions that can occur in the universe. My canvases themselves carry strong dynamic, and to some they are revealed by the time, to others very quickly. I care for humanitarian issues and have organized and been part of several humanitarian exhibition-sales. One of the works is in the collection of Nation Gallery of Armenia.

Printed in “Millennium art guide” (Int art Promo.2003).

Many of the works are in private collections around the world.