Artist Statement of Monika Blomqvist

Monika Blomqvist is a mixed media artist from Genarp in southern Sweden. Art has always been a great interest in her life. For a long time she has followed two artistic tracks: one in painting and another in photography. For the past ten years, she has combined the two tracks into her personal take on mixed media technique. It is mainly collage in combination with painting.,

Her artworks are made up of multiple layers where, for example, colour blocks and different structure building materials are mixed with paintings, texts, photos, or drawings. Some parts of the image surface are diffuse and others are more clear. A silhouette can work as focal point.

In the artistic process she often focuses on a subject or theme. Monika is interested in exploring opposites and contrasts, where she seeks the tension between, for example, light and dark, motion and tranquillity, tangible and abstract. She also likes to search for tension between patterns and structures in the artwork surface.

Blomqvist finds inspiration everywhere. Mainly in nature, music and in her interactions with people. She currently show her own art exclusively through her gallery and in the future hopes to invite other regional artists to showcase their artworks.