Artist Statement of Min Zou

Min Zou is an artist, currently live in Beijing China, who has studied in China and Europe. Her artistic creation ideas of the present stage are from her true feelings, thoughts, knowledge and her wisdom.

Min Zou works generally come from the accumulation of knowledge, the love of nature, the love of natural science, the exploration of humanities and social science and the philosophical insights. So, it can be said: Most of her inspiration comes from her thoughts and thinking.

With the growth of her art works, Min Zou's art works have experienced the changes of history, cultural integration and the exchange of Chinese and foreign culture. Her current art is very colorful and the diversity of her art can expand people's thinking and no longer bind them to their own thoughts. People can look at the world in the multi-dimensional ideas, so that people can become more inclusive in this world and can be more innovative and promote the social progress. Min Zou believes we should look at this world from a multi-dimensional perspective, just like the multi-dimensional nature of the universe. Min Zou thinks we should pursue the truth, the goodness and the beauty. So her works are always full of truth, goodness, beauty and the love of nature.

Art is to improve and purify the hearts and souls. The core value of art is to promote the progress of human society. In order to create new artworks, Min Zou went to Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai and Hainan. Meanwhile, she sublimates the viewpoint of art. Now it is about the sublimation of thought, the realm of life, and the realm of thought. The sublimating of the mind, the opening of mind and our boundless imagination.