Artist Statement of Michal Georgiev

Czech Artist Michal Georgiev work divides into two parts: plein air painting and atelier painting, he prefers oil painting and the main focus of his art centres around natural themes. When working en plein air he prefers to paint various corners of forest and the natural environment that surrounds him. Later whilst working in the atelier, Georgiev's inspiration from nature flows through his mind filter and transforms to show on the canvas in his stylised look.

He often uses untypical tools to create his artworks, items such as nails, toothpicks, matches and injection needles can all come together as a means of getting his thoughts onto the canvas. He tends to make his own colours by mixing pigments and oil. He uses archaic technologies and self made pigments too.

His paintings are often full of structure and reliefs. He feels that this helps brings a haptic sensation to his work. In his ongoing experimentation with his craft he is continually examining methods and means of expressing himself and as a result inventing original painting procedures and technologies too. In his most recent series of artworks he has been experimenting with painting by sound waves using Chladni patterns etc.

Since 2008 Georgiev has been involved in over 30 solo and group exhibitions across Europe.Georgiev works in co-operation with many art galleries in his home country and his paintings are represented in many private collections, including the collections of Jan & Meda Mládek, Czech ex-President Václav Klaus and sport stars Olegs Znaroks and Alexandr Ovečkin.