Artist Statement of Martina McAteer

Martina McAteer is an award winning Irish artist who lives in Wexford in the South East of Ireland. She has been represented by many prestigious galleries both nationally and internationally and has won many awards including - 

  • 'Celebrating The Genius of Women' honouree, Florida
  • People's Choice Award 'Pen and Brush inc.' New York
  • Selected for juried show 'Herland II", Sydney, Australia
  • Spiritual and Fanstasy Art Europe Award
  • Winner in the Gateway International Painting Competition
  • Selected for the Guinness Book of Record art exhibition in Rome

She works in a small studio called The Magpie Studio and tend to paint mostly with oil paints and gold leaf. She loves the delicacy and preciousness of gold leaf but uses it in a very free way. 

There are many contrasts in her work and she will often fuse slow methodical painting with a free playful painting. The work therefore can often have a solemn feel to it, yet then also contain a light hopeful poetic spirit. 

Martina's work contains an almost secret language of the heart and they have a very powerful impact on the viewer