Artist Statement of Manjiri Kanvinde

"Art” to me is a result of my journey into self discovery. Nature fascinates me and colour excites my senses. My work tries to capture the richness of life in painted textures on canvas. Acrylic paint is my chosen medium and I often paint by developing layer upon layer of paint to achieve the desired effect. I strive to capture the beauty of nature be it a sunset, clouds, flowers, figures or cities.

My inspiration is often from my surrounding and the various forms and colours found in nature. I love to experiment with different techniques. I also paint on wood and Yupo paper.

Yupo is a state-of-the-art synthetic material offering all the attributes of the highest quality papers with the added benefits of extraordinary durability. Since there are no trees required in the processing of Yupo the use of this innovative material further supports my interest in preservation and conservation of nature.

I identify with the quote “Creativity take courage” by Henri Mattise. Painting requires creating something personal and sharing with other, at the risk of being judged. However, the joy of creating is a reward in itself and I hope my art gives as much joy to the viewers as I get creating the painting. I am thankful to all the collectors who have bought my work and encouraged my art.