Artist Statement of Mairon Almeida

Mairon Almeida Painter, writer and illustrator.

I live in Brazil today, in Rio de Janeiro. I believe in art as a way to heal the soul. My basic paintings are all inspired by my favourite book: My happy and dreamy works are spread around the world, mainly in France, UK, USA.

I have several works exhibited in physical and virtual galleries in countries around the world. More than selling, my art makes me happy and is made to make everyone happy. I have exhibitions in several galleries in Brazil and in other countries like the USA and Europe.

I worked with several publishers including the Moderna publishing house located in São Paulo where I collaborated with illustrations for the book "Novo - Ciências Humanas" from 2020.

In addition to several works as an illustrator and writer, I work in various media with a predilection for acrylic and India ink. I like my art to enchant and speak for itself!