Artist Statement of Magdalena Oppelt

My search is for the hidden image, for structures that can be revealed everywhere: when pouring, building, abrading, layering, scratching away, glazing and possibly when painting over - when starting over again. The artwork is autonomous: it communicates with me and outlines the ways it wants to go with me. Ideally, it also enters into this dialogue with the viewer. For me, art is to keep one's eyes open - to pay attention and sensitivity to the unexpected, the unexpected and the everyday.

I`m looking for the hidden picture; structures, which are going to be broken, by which they are going to be. The piece of art is autonomous: it communicates with me and shows it to me. Ideally, it communicates with the observer. For me, art means to keep your eyes open; to devote your attention and the sensitivity to the surprising, the unexpected and the everyday commodities.