Artist Statement of Laurentiu Dimisca

Each of us wants to discover HUMANITY. The human lying in ME or YOU or THE OTHERS. The MAN, with his sorrows, joys, his being unable to express his experiences.

Each of us, unable to communicate, express our doubts and fears by means of what God left to us.

By every gesture of mine, I want to express a secret, mine of the person's next to me… You may find lying there, in a betrayed knee, in a lost hand, but there are eyes and hearts. My eyes, having wept for thousands of times, my heart having loved for thousands of times and having being betrayed and shared for as many times.

Do not expect me to describe the world through memory and colourful events, through technique and superlatives. I only want to show a message of love and communication, of emotion and closeness. I meant to show not my own identity, this hardly visible and unique monster which everyone cuddles in the bottom of their hearts, but my astonishment at an unshaped threatening… of not loving, the crippling of the soul and the emptiness filling it after a prolonged lack of energy of feeling.

I only left the eye to see, to experience and to say we are suffering from lack of love. The eye you see is your own eye which completely shut whenever it should have received the light of the world.

The heart you see is your own everyday heart which ceased to feel and hidden in a remote corner of time flares like a candle.

This is ME, THE MAN, your own hidden SECRET, and you are my paintings!