Artist Statement of Kazimiera Dymek

Kazimiera Dymek was born in Poland in 1959. Dymek is a self-taught artist, she started painting in 2007. Impressionism is close to her heart as it is a technique that she uses in most of her works. The landscape is important in this artist's life. It is unrepeatable, it allows you to unveil and understand the secret signs of reality to reveal the truth about nature.

Creation of her art became something essential in her life. It shows the beauty of the world, its uniqueness and captures the moments on canvas. Her landscapes show ordinary places being rediscovered and portrayed as something new and different. She also paints realistic portraits of people, animals and still life.

Kazimiera's last paintings show that the artist is evolving towards purely abstract painting. She is still discovering and searching for her artistic path, which is why her works are thematically varied. Thanks to this we can see how rich her art world is.

Individual Exhibitions:

  • 2018 - "Galeria na piętrze" Culture Center Dzierżoniów Prizes and awards
  • 2015 - Gallery Art.inkubator in Bielawa
  • 2014 - 6 Dolnyśląsk non-professional art overview "Walor" Participation in programs
  • 2014 - participation in multimedia program "Leksykon Kulturnet Dzierżoniów"