Artist Statement of Katarina Kovacova

Katarina Kovacova was born in Martin, Slovakia but now lives in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

Kovacova paints with oil on canvas, acrylics or temperas on big-sized cardboard. She generally creates her paintings with spatula knife. With those tools she can apply rough layers of paint which can then be shaped. This method of working brings an almost sculptural element to her work as she creates her masterpieces on the canvas.

Kovacova feels that this method of painting allows her to infuse more of her energy into her artworks. Autodidact, she has held a passion for painting since a very young age. Inspired by the Fauvists movement, their influence is evident in her bold use of colour in her works. She allows her painterly instinct to create a freedom in her ideas and work, creating a spontaneous expression of her uneasiness and passion from her soul. She allows herself to complete her inner feelings on the canvas, often not in accordance with reality, her images often arising from the passion within her heart.