Artist Statement of Juliane Blasquez

Juliane Blasquez was born in 1996 in Carcassonne in the South of France. Passionate about the great painters of the Italian Renaissance since childhood, she followed her schooling by training in painted decoration and obtains her Brevet des Métiers d'Arts in 2015. As a result, her passion for painting increased, and she decided to continue her studies and installed herself in small workshop to hone her artistic skills. Her artistic references have guided her to the practice of allegorical portraiture which makes her style a classic and figurative genre that is inscribed in contemporary art.

"The brush dipped in the oil painting, my arm turns to the canvas: it's a portrait that appears."

The theme that binds Juliane's art is the complexity of Man, his story and especially the emotion that makes him results. Here is the real source of her work: to translate the emotion of a character by creating her own history and assembling its colours.