Artist Statement of Jayant Gajera

The criteria by which an artist chooses a certain path are not always well defined, not even for the artist itself; there are many external and internal hard to control circumstances in the creative process that drive us to this aim of internal understanding of what we want to tell, express ...... This is not always achieved and, in certain instances during the process, either the starting point or the originally chosen path are forgotten, resulting in different ways of expressing the initial idea.

The language of painting is as wide as creativity itself, that is why the choice of language should be free of punctual movements, of linear cultural trends and of single-current thoughts. These latter restrictions could render some short term enrichment of a current but, if adopted in a massive scale, impoverishes the individual creativity which is at the end what gives art its value as such and is what art feeds on.

The reality as a path is in my opinion as valid as any other and, as all others, has many admirers that merits its existence.

The strength of expression and the immense chromatic scope inherent to realism is to me what makes so much sense and attracts all my interest. The struggle against time, against colour, against form and movement that I keep in a calm and continuous way trying to achieve that the reality forms part of the canvas as opposed to a simple photographic reproduction is what makes painting, in my case, the reason for my life as an artist.