Artist Statement of Ivan Pili

At the end of 2014 he resumed entirely by accident his artistic pictorial path interrupted with the advent of his musical career working during the construction of a wall painting in Germany, a fact derived, in fact just from a concert. From this moment he became known and received several official requests for the production of other murals. The spread of images through social media brought the first requests for participation in collective exhibitions. The first presentation of his art in a group exhibition was on February 6th 2015.

The first period was characterized by supports of small-medium size and the use of acrylic colours but Ivan Pili stepped forward and after a few jobs he totally dedicated himself to the use of oil paints. His first subjects referred to the figurative, evoking their life scenes and aiming to a “common” public , just like on the occasion of his concerts.

Despite some attempts to paint landscape and still life, the true vocation of Ivan Pili will be the figurative. Overwhelmed by an emotional wake, although his works require long preparations typical of the Realism his production was already ready for his first solo exhibition at Saint Augustine Palace in Salerno.

From here on it is the beginning of a new experimental phase always growing, both in ability and in size of media refining in no time all techniques that will lead to the beginning of 2016 to perfect hyperrealism, “not photo”, but going beyond “the photograph”.

Those subjects still remain in the figurative are very different and the different light situations which Pili alters to his liking and with disarming ease with minimalist scenic essence and expressiveness. The numerous requests for participation in events and the ever-growing works commissioned will lead Ivan Pili to reverse his artistic skills leaving music behind to devote himself to full time painting.