Artist Statement of Ivan Grieve

"I use, as well as experiment with a wide range of both traditional and non-traditional materials in my work. Experimentation sometimes produces a tactile quality that helps me to understand my subject. The process of creating a work is as important to me as the finished article.

Working on a subject allows me to explore it and find a way to demonstrate an expression of it. Layering materials such as ink and pigment, fabric and paper, collaging and reworking creates a greater affinity between method and subject matter.

Allowing room for incidental marks adds freedom and acts as a foil to the more complex elements of my work. The qualities of working with soft pastels have recently been an allure, particularly the layering of colours. I will be supplementing the pastels with use of some natural mineral pigments such as Bideford Black.

Bringing together the learnt skills and found techniques has been a challenge and a real pleasure. Inspiration for my work is drawn from watching the accidental changes to life that humans continually make. I try to interpret my feelings for these changes in my work."