Artist Statement of Hildegarde Handsaeme

Belgian artist, Hildegarde Handsaeme lives and works in Brussels. Hildegarde's style is distinctive, working with a limited colour palette, using shape and form to explore the female figure, a main theme in all her work. Breaking up her canvases through the use of line and colour leads to a pleasing and warm aesthetic that appeals to the eye.

"Hildegarde Handsaeme paints mainly women and follows a harmonic and constructively perfect pattern . The figure in itself is dominating but she knows how to put it the right surroundings where nature and cosmos play a symbolic part . With a set of straight lines she builds a mysterious haze of inner feelings on the canvas in a simple but penetrative way . She does not call for hallucinating images but lets herself go with sensitivity guided by an unfailing intuition . Even when the figures at first sight seem distant they point to a certain duality and yet her usage of colours express a honest alliance between the data and the deeper thoughts .Simply and honestly Hildegarde gives us the message of love and tenderness which should be shown to each individual. In a pictorial equilibrated and harmonic way she knows how to remind us of the glamorous intuition of woman." - (F. De B. 1997)