Artist Statement of Graham Krenz

The scale of our surroundings has a substantial but difficult to measure influence on how we live in our world. There are the clear physical repercussions of a change in the make up of our surroundings, such as changes in commute or neighbourhood character, but the true impact is more subtle, and pervasive. Through study of city infrastructure and living, my goal is to better understand the zone of interaction between citizens and the places they build their lives in.

The aesthetics of an essential object are governed by necessity and strict requirements, decided by financial and logistical constraints. The cityscapes and simple objects of urban life I represent are depicted independent of their scale, to divorce them from our physical relationship with them. My goal with this series and these pieces is to humanize large-scale projects through material choices, and through an unpolished final appearance. Modernism has created slick worlds: a lack of texture or grain makes it too easy to see these projects as one whole, divorcing them from the individual’s labour they took to create.