Artist Statement of Glenn Miller

My art is inspired first and foremost by what I see, feel and experience. It is a celebratory art that refers to the historical traditions of the landscape and the nude.

I have an affinity for nature, preferring secluded environments that are free from the ebb and flow of people. My landscapes are often expressive and colourful and rarely include signs of life. Hillsides, valleys, forests, creeks and rugged foreshores are recurring themes.

I am also compelled to explore the female form and in establishing an intimate visual relationship with the subject. Backgrounds are only important as blank backdrops, allowing the focus of attention to remain fixed on the nude.

I primarily work in oils on linen for the love of the physicality of the medium. My technique usually begins with sketches and digitally altered images. Through the digital process, I am able to experiment with overlaying imagery and manipulating compositional elements. Once multiple variations are developed as preparatory studies, I output selected versions to use as references, painting in a style that is free and intuitive. Colour is used to embellish, in the sense of adding to the aesthetic or emotional density of the composition.