Artist Statement of Gergely Bukovinszki

My goal is not only to entertain the eyes but to advance the mind and soul through visual symbolism, preserve valuable tradition and workmanship. I aim to document all aspects of the human experience and create painfully honest representation of ‘existence’ in it’s very environment.

I study for the sake of studying and create for the sake of creation. I paint what I know to be right and the way I feel it’s right to be presented. I aim to provoke both intellect and emotion, dragging them out of eternal numbness and ignorance including my own consciousness along the way.

I hope anyone looking at my paintings can take away something with them which will hopefully positively contribute to their personality and provides some guidance in their life towards prosperity and spiritual growth. Describing the ‘grand experiment’ performed upon us is the path I chose.

"Madness inspires me most, luckily there's plenty of it in society. I aim to tell stories that reflect my views and observations about modern society, challenges we must face living as human beings. I paint about life as I see it, raw and painful, with a bit of humor injected at times. I have worked in a wide range of subjects in the past few years, but my recent paintings portray sometimes rather quirky, other times more serious themes that I really enjoy doing."